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My Mom’s Pie, specializes in homemade sweet potato pies, each made with love and care by our head baker/owner, Sylvia. The sweet potato is a natural super food rich in B vitamins, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and potassium. Our vision is to transition the sweet potato pie from just a holiday dessert to part of your daily healthy dietary consumption as a side dish, dessert or special treat. We make the traditional sweet potato pie, and our special sweet potato pie with pecans and brown sugar. We offer the regular 8” and our 3” mini pies are our biggest seller. Because of the nutritional value of the sweet potato, we wanted to include other dietary preferences, so we are currently in the process of developing our diabetes (Sugar free) sweet potato pie, the My Mom’s Pie way! 
My journey started over 25 years ago, as a single mom raising two boys who loved sweet potato pie. They would tell people “ My Mom makes the best sweet potato pie, you’ve gotta try one”. As a result of their persistence, I started making and selling pies for family/friends, their teachers, and colleagues for the Holidays and dinners which was a blessing to help support my family. Over the years, people have shared with me their stories of eating sweet potato pie and the warm memories they felt surrounding this delicious dessert. I realize that my sweet potato pie was more than just a pie but it shared a history with others and grew my desire to leave a legacy for my family and others to enjoy.



Head Baker/Owner



Head of Marketing/Sales



Head of Tech.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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